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Mar 07, 2002 at 09:18 PM
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The Gnome Wave Cleaner Project

What is it?

It is a result of never wanting to boot to MS windows again. The only reason I had left was because I have this wonderful software to record digital audio, and the dehiss and declick using some very cool software (COOLEDIT 2000) and (Declick by M. Paar), to do the audio restoration.

I checked out some of the ongoing projects in linux, and either they crashed a lot or, didn't do what I needed, so I started this effort out of selfishness and also as a mechanism to learn the GNOME API for GUI programming . A lot of the code shows the efforts of that learning curve, and could certainly be cleaned up, but the I am personally pleased with the overall design. The goals are simple -- denoise, dehiss and amplify audio files in the Microsoft wave format, 16 bit only, stereo only, and assuming a sampling rate of 44,100 hz.

This is still beta code, back up your data files before you use GWC to work on them!


There are many sources to credit, from the gtkled source code in the ESD volume meter, to wave file format I/O, and a dozen or so references to audio restoration. This project is able to exist only due to those who came before. The following is a list of information sources on the internet that I used:



  • This will only work on intel hardware, due to the big/little endian problems. This is a fairly trivial problem to correct, but I dont' have that kind of hardware, so I'm not in a position to test it, (hint, hint).
  • WAV format files only
  • 16 bit, stereo only
  • It has been tested with large (40 megabyte files), but not huge files. This could be a limitation due to the memory mapping technique used to speed up file reads/writes.

Known Bugs:

  • Undo operation isn't working properly for declicking.
    • FIXED in gwc-0.03 -


    The TODO list is not very long, but help is always appreciated. Areas where help would be GREATLY appreciated are:

    • ICONS - they could use a real icon artist, this is what you get when you spend 15 minutes on each icon and you don't know how to draw...
    • If you would like to help out, send me some mail

    WARNING - This is beta code with no warranty whatsoever.

    This code is for educational and demonstration purposes.

    READ THIS - If your playback sounds choppy, it is due to one of 3 things: 1) you have another memory/cpu intensive task running (such as setiathome), 2) you have a sound daemon of some type running (aRts, esd), 3) you just don't have enough RAM or cpu horsepower. I run gwc on a 350 mhz pentium, with 128 Meg of RAM, and have not experienced any problems. as long as I ensure that I don't have other big cpu processes running or other sound daemons.

    Download latest version. gwc-0.06-2, created March 3rd, 2002

    Please read the HELP file in the distribution, it contains helpful information on how to use the gnome wave cleaner to edit your audio files!

    Jeff Welty
    March 3rd, 2002

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